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SWW takes on the Elizabeth Line

It may have opened three years late and it may have been billion of pounds over budget, but the Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) certainly is an impressive feat of engineering.

SWW were lucky enough to have a meeting scheduled with clients on Wednesday in London, which coincidentally was only the Elizabeth Line's second day of operation. Although the Elizabeth Line only opened this week, you can already see the impact that it is going to have on London transport in the years to come. As with any new construction project, you expect there to be modern fixtures and fittings, and the Elizabeth Line certainly does not disappoint on that front. Liverpool Street and Farringdon Stations are particularly impressive.

Crossrail proved to be a great topic of conversation when we met with our clients. Nueco Group are a glazing and façade sub-contractor who predominately operate in London, stating that Crossrail will make moving around the city, from project to project, much simpler and hopefully quicker. It was also great to discuss with Nueco some of glazing and facade finishes at the stations, getting their take on the work.

Check out some images below:

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