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SWW wins Small Agency of the Year award

The team at SWW Marketing is thrilled to have won Small Agency of the Year at the Construction Marketing Awards. 

On stage at the CMA awards

Endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Marketing Construction Industry Group, the Construction Marketing Awards showcase the construction industry’s creativity, innovation and effectiveness in marketing.

Having started the business four years ago with an aim to help construction companies with their marketing and online visibility, we are delighted to have won one of the most

prestigious awards in the industry.

With a record-breaking number of entries, the judges noted the task of selecting the top

contenders was even more challenging than in previous years and the chosen finalists putforth their utmost effort to secure victory in their respective categories at the most

prestigious awards in built environment marketing.

To win the Small Agency of the Year award, we had to demonstrate consistent high

performance delivering tangible results for our clients, high-quality customer relationship management, a strong culture of creativity and originality alongside staff development and motivation programmes that promote high quality and loyal teams.

SWW Marketing Director Oliver Smith said:

"We are over the moon to have won 'Small Agency of the Year' at the ConstructionMarketing Awards. We care deeply about the industry and are proud to work with amazing companies across the sector from world leading manufacturers to

distributors and main contractors.

“We really understand the demands that the industry faces which is why highlighting

the amazing work done every day - from the freezing temperatures of winter to the

rainy days in spring and scorching temperatures in the Summer - is the best part of

the job.  

“While our business has grown over the past the four years, an absolute constant for

us from the very beginning is our driven approach to helping the industry which we

genuinely care about. Thank you to all our clients and to the Construction Marketing

Awards for this recognition – it’s a huge boost to myself and the team”.

Following our award, the Judges said:

“Sometimes small is beautiful – these guys really work at understanding their clients,

and the result is they are truly an extension of their customers’ marketing teams”.

As the backbone of any nation, we are proud to support an industry that does amazing

things every day, often, with little acknowledgement, and continues to build the homes we live in, hospitals we get treated in and the places we work.

As 2023 draws to a close we are excited for what 2024 has in store. We have some exciting projects that we are working on both for clients and as a business so stay tuned for a lot more coming from SWW Marketing next year!

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