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Meet the team: Kate

Kate is a Marketing Apprentice with us here at SWW Marketing. Kate is starting her journey of a future career in digital marketing with us. Kate's interest in digital marketing was sparked from her previous experience of overseeing a company's social media pages. Kate was fascinated by the world of digital marketing and how it has transformed the way that businesses interact with their customers. Whilst still building her knowledge around the industry, she is eager to take her current knowledge and skills and be able to develop them further into a career.

Kate has experience as a customer service assistant for Ede and Ravenscroft managing the social media accounts and running the Private Hire department. These roles developed Kate's communication skills through various digital platforms like social media and email. The department Kate managed was very clientele based, so she was required to create close relationships and be able to really understand the clients perspective and address enquiries promptly and accordingly. Outside of work, Kate enjoys spending her free time at the gym and going on walks with her friends and family.

Kate is primarily responsible for building marketing emails and maintaining websites for both SWW Marketing and clients creating and posting social media content. Kate's time here will help to develop her knowledge and skills to help her in completing her Apprenticeship and provide Kate with the skill set to start the journey into the Marketing industry.

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