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National Painting & Decorating Show with Oxera

This week we were in Coventry at the National Painting & Decorating Show 2021 with our clients Oxera Repair Products as they launched their first 'own brand' products, the Rebuild Repair Range.

The show was the final piece of the puzzle in a process that we were involved in every step of the way, and to see the final product be so well received at the show provided us with an immense sense of achievement and only inspires us to do more great work with Oxera in the future...

Here is a list of some of the work we have done and continue to do with Oxera:

  • Website design and management

  • Marketing strategy

  • Product launch and design

  • Exhibition organisation

  • Content Creation

  • Social Media management

  • CRM management and growth

  • Administrative tasks

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