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An explainer video for an own-label specialist manufacturer of construction and DIY products

About the client

Our client Oxera Repair Products are an own-label specialist manufacturer supplying to some of the leading household names in the ‘Construction and DIY’ market sectors.


Oxera Repair Products were founded in 2009 and are experts in the manufacture of polymer based products. They work with customers that already have a route to market, taking their idea through to R&D then to manufacture.

We've previously worked with Oxera Repair to develop a new company website, as well as on several design projects including a set of product labels for their range, a company brochure and product flyers. 

The brief

Following exceptional growth over the last few years, Oxera are now looking to improve their digital presence and are keen to explore new ways of reaching their target audience online. 

Once their website was launched, we suggested video as an excellent format to effectively communicate the business' offering and tell their story. In addition this would help with their visibility in search engine results, and could be used in new customer communications, sales pitches and for other digital channels such as email and social media.

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Our solution

We developed a short overview explainer video that clearly defines the business' positioning statement in less than a minute. The video outlines what Oxera Repair offer their customers and showcases their expertise within the industry, combining a short succinct script with relatable media that immediately engages with their audience.

The video is now placed on the Oxera Repair website and YouTube channel. View it here.

"We couldn't recommend SWW Marketing enough. They supported us every step of the way and went above and beyond to learn about our products and offering which meant the end result was perfect. They also did this with a friendly, accommodating, professional and fun manner - they really are seen as part of the Oxera Team! Thank you for all your amazing hard work. We look forward to working with you again!"

Oly Evans, Director, Oxera Repair

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