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Company brochure for an own-label specialist manufacturer of construction and DIY products

About the client

Our client Oxera Repair Products are an own-label specialist manufacturer supplying to some of the leading household names in the ‘Construction and DIY’ market sectors.


Oxera Repair Products were founded in 2009 and are experts in the manufacture of polymer based products. They work with customers that already have a route to market, taking their idea through to R&D then to manufacture.​

The brief

Oxera were looking for a comprehensive brochure containing product information for their full range of repair products including their wood filler, automotive & car body filler, concrete repair, brick adhesives and specialist repair ranges. They wanted to use the brochure as a resource for their sales team and to send to prospective customers.

They had limited product information on their website at the time and so were looking for support with writing the content for the brochure, and at the same time develop some new brand visuals.

They were also looking for new product label designs and images of their products and their factory that could then be used within the brochure. 

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oxera brochure.png
Oxera Sealant.png

Our solution

Prior to any project that requires the creation of a significant amount of new content, we run a messaging workshop. This allows those involved to take a step back and think about the exact message they want to get across and the tone of voice required to most effectively communicate with their audience.

Due to the limited product information available for us to work with, a messaging workshop was vital to help us understand the product and technical information required to move forward with designing a brochure, as well as to properly understand the tone, language and the format.

"We couldn't recommend SWW Marketing enough. They supported us every step of the way and went above and beyond to learn about our products and offering which meant the end result was perfect. They also did this with a friendly, accommodating, professional and fun manner - they really are seen as part of the Oxera Team! Thank you for all your amazing hard work. We look forward to working with you again!"

Oly Evans, Director, Oxera Repair

The results

Working closely with Oxera to really understand their products and the company’s objectives allowed us to pull together their literature quickly and seamlessly and advise the best way for them to market their business. Oxera are now sending their brochure to prospective customers across the UK. They have since received substantial orders of over 100k as a direct result of sending this new literature.

We have created a real partnership with Oxera and have since designed them a new company website, incorporating the branding visuals which we developed for the brochure and product labels. We've also produced a range of branded data sheets, product flyers and more recently a new company overview video.

We are also at the beginning of a project to create a technical brochure on each of their product ranges and going forward will be producing frequent new content such as blogs and newsletters and setting-up and managing their social media.

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