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SWW head to Poland with clients Nueco

We travelled to Poland last week with our long-term client 'Nueco Group'. We accompanied them on their trip to one of their glass suppliers factories.

The trip provided a great insight into the glazing and façade industries and enabled us to gain more of an in-depth understanding into the everyday practices of 'Nueco Group'. By gaining a better understanding of 'Nueco's' industry, we are able to navigate and create marketing collateral independently without the need to be guided through step-by-step by a member of 'Nueco's' team. We also met with 'Press Glass' and their marketing department to discuss future opportunities for both Nueco and SWW.

Overall, the trip was really beneficial and we would like to thank 'Nueco' and 'Press Glass' for the hospitality and we are looking forward to the next trip.

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