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Meet the team: Lucy

1. What did you study in at University?

Sport and exercise Science

2. Who’s your biggest inspiration?

Erm sounds cliché but probably my mum, she always juggled several jobs and ran several of her own businesses. She never stopped striving to achieve more, whether it be in her career or just trying out new recipes in the kitchen. 

3. Where did you grow up?


4. How did you get into Marketing as a career?

I worked in an admin support role for a year when I left university (slap bang in the middle of the 2008/2009 recession) and picked up loads of the skills required to actually do the day to day marketing job, such as content writing, email design, InDesign and Photoshop etc.  From then I got a job within the life sciences industry, as I had a mix of some marketing skills and the background in science they were looking for.  From there I progressed through to management. I think working your way up from the bottom in marketing is important to running an effective marketing function as it means you fully understand what is involved from start to finish in the roll-out of campaigns and how to analyse and test at every stage to improve for the future.

5. What’s been the most challenging part of your career so far?

I think probably heading up a team of 11 – they were a great team but managing people comes with its challenges!  I believe strongly in teamwork and positive work environments and strong values.

6. Why did you decide to set up your own company?

I have always strived to do my own thing. I think having the flexibility to be creative and test things without having to jump through lots of hoops to do so. Also being able to work with people that you choose and that you trust and respect - building a great team. And also because I don’t believe in a 9-5 work culture, work life balance is so important to me and I am lucky now to be able to appreciate that! I worked with Ollie in the past and we got chatting about it, he was keen to expand and so we joked about going into business for a while, then one day we were like ‘well why not?!’ it’s now or never, so I took the plunge, gave up my well paid secure marketing manager job with great perks, and haven’t looked back!

7. If you were stranded on a desert island what three things would you take? 

Toothbrush definitely! A knife would be useful I reckon. Another human being if I was allowed.

8. Do you have any pets? 

Yes my dog Henry, he’s the love of my life, I regularly bore people with pictures and videos of him!

9. What do you do when you aren’t working?

I really enjoy being outdoors, so I like to run, go on hikes with the dog, but also really enjoying cooking. I’ve spent the last year refurbing our house so that seems to take up most of my spare time but has really helped build knowledge of the construction industry having first hand experience! Plaster boards are heavy!

10. What would you say are your main values that drive you?

I think my main values are kindness, empathy and self-awareness – you never know what someone might be going through, small actions and words can make a big difference to someone’s day, positive or negative.

11. What is your favourite quote

Be the person your dog thinks you are

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