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Construction futures: out with the old and in with the new...

Thursday 19th May, 18:30-20:30

The Loading Bay, London

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Latest trends | Industry thought leaders | Engaging communities 

The Construction Industry is one of the largest sectors of employment in the UK. Construction has a role for everyone but at times it can be difficult to find your place. This talk is designed to help you, recent graduates, find your career path and help you progress your construction career the way you'd like.

Join us for an evening of engaging discussion and networking with a host of industry leaders to talk through their careers, their stories of the industry and provide you with the advice you need to grow in the industry. We will be breaking the mould for this talk by focussing on creating a relaxed, unassuming, non-judgemental environment.

Our analysis looks at the changing nature of construction with a focus on the digital age and the openings that brings. A shift away from outdated practice and move towards innovation and youthfulness. A challenge of industry norms and structures. 

Oh, and also there is free drinks!

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Accelerate your career by gaining real industry insights, networking with like-minded peers and meeting leaders who want to share their passion, experience and knowledge on. 

  • Gain new opportunities 

  • Discover career benefiting tips

  • Accelerate your career


Tom Gibbons

Quantity Surveyor, owner of Nueco Group.

Dinesh Mistry

Designer for buildings including the Gherkin.


Malcolm Clarke

Digital advocate and owner of Baxall Construction

Malcolm Clarke

Digital advocate and owner of Baxall Construction

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