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Our Process


At SWW Marketing our signature process is simple and effective: analyse, design, deliver, test. We start by working with you to establish where your business currently stands, your challenges and where you would like to be as an organisation.



 We’ll take an in-depth look at your target market, your customers, what differentiates you from your competitors and analyse the data underpinning your current activities.


From these data-driven insights we will pull together a plan of action and present our suggested strategy moving forward

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Once we’ve agreed with you the appropriate strategy to move forward within a budget that suits you, we can work autonomously to achieve the set objectives within the agreed timescales.

Monitor & test

We’ll continuously monitor results and budget and recommend next steps to ensure objectives are met.

Image by Shahadat Rahman

Would you like to optimise your business? Target potential customers? Optimise your sales process? Align your sales and marketing? And maximise your budget. Speak to one of our data experts today. 

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