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word of mouth marketing

Oliver Smith

Can you survive through just word of mouth?

Ultimately your business success depends on your people, and your ability to deliver what you promise.  You want your clients to think of your company and your services as valuable.   Great, so your existing clients appreciate the value you provide. How then, do you demonstrate that value proposition to new contacts and prospective clients?  What’s your brand, what’s your “WHY”, why do you do what you do? And why should clients want to work with you as a result?  Don’t worry – we can help with those complex questions! And we have also put down some guidance to get you started.

There are so many marketing tactics (including free ones) that you can use to get your company ahead:

Step one:

  • Start with a solid (even if it’s simple) website. Your website will provide the backbone for the rest of your marketing programme.

  • Create free branded pages on the social media site of your choice.

  • Set a schedule for making posts – be realistic! And keep them interesting with updates on your latest work. Your first post is a great start!

  • Alternate between industry news and company news to keep your followers engaged.

By completing Step one, you’ll be doing something to get things rolling in the right direction.

​Even a basic and regular marketing schedule can make your company better connected to those who matter in the industry – your clients - and your posts will back up and promote your work.

Step two:

Once you gain some traction with a basic website and social media, complete a more detailed website project, ensuring that:

  • the content is engaging;

  • the website is visually appealing;

  • your content is kept up to date and current.

It’s not difficult to do and ROI can be measured by the leads that result from visits to your site, using simple tools like Google Analytics.

It’s important to keep sight of what your clients want, and to ensure your marketing programme is focused on their needs. In addition, you must understand your competition in the market. Figure out what they are doing that’s innovative, what they’re doing wrong, or what they are doing better than you. A simple competitive analysis like this is a great way to gain insights into your company’s strengths and weaknesses and will help you identify potential opportunities or external threats.

Further development

In terms of other in-house marketing efforts, there are many options and tools available once you have established a website and social media presence.  Consider:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to boost your searchability online.

  • Think about issuing a regular newsletter with engaging content and targeted e-blasts.

  • Google AdWords, press releases and digital or print advertisings can easily become money pits, but if you do them right, they can also be a powerful addition to your programme.

  • Printed formats (magazine ads, printed literature) in general are not as relevant as they once were; however, in the construction industry, paper is still king so some level of clean marketing collateral in printed form is a good idea.

Your clients are not shopping for shoes online; they are extremely selective, and want to go with a name that’s well known in the industry, a company whose name always seems to be in the forefront.   So, how can you ensure that your company doesn’t fall behind in the construction marketplace?

The answer is to build a simple but effective marketing machine that will help your company stand resilient against anything that may come its way.

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word of mouth marketing

word of mouth marketing
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