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The Value of Storytelling

Oliver Rand

The Value of Storytelling

Many people look at the construction industry and question the ability to sell a company that offers no tangible products but instead offers a service. Yes it is an art but an art that is more accessible than you think. One of the biggest tools in the toolbox to do this is the good old-fashioned story. Construction companies often have exciting stories to tell and if marketed correctly, can really help differentiate you from your competition.

Storytelling allows your business to convey personality, it resonates with people especially when marketed using a multi-channel strategy: website, blogs, video and social media...Your business is interesting, whether that be the projects you have worked on, the unique interactions you have had on-site with your colleagues or the history of the company, the list in endless. Potential clients want to know the details of your company. Stories appeal to their emotions, they build relationships and connect with people. It may sound like an informal exercise however when combined with concise and specific marketing strategy, its benefit cannot be questioned, particularly given the shift towards the digital age and the audience scope being incomparable.

Speak to the Outside

Construction is one of the most important industries in the world, after all it is responsible for the infrastructure that shapes the world today. But these stories are not always laid to bare, the intricacies and processes are not portrayed and from the perspective of the relatively untrained eye, even to some industry professionals, the processes are still relatively unknown. These stories can and should be utilised in the tendering process to win business.

An example of the processes employed on a past project can be great for allowing potential clients to visualise themselves in that construction process. They visualise you working on their projects, picture you contracting around their site - conveying the detail of a project as opposed to just listing the height and value carries a lot more weight with potential clients. Construction is a contradiction - on the one hand the industry is progressive and innovative; on the other, the tradition of pitching to win work takes play, and it is there that appealing to the human nature of prospective clients via storytelling wins work. The combination of tradition and modernity in construction marketing provides the perfect blend for your business and should be employed in the desire to win work. It will set you apart.

How can I use digital platforms to tell a story?

We have had technology for generations now but yet the implementation of its various forms in the construction industry is lacking. Storytelling through technology - social media, website, videos, blogs and so on - can have a huge impact on business. The construction firms that take the leap, as many are beginning to do now, will see themselves progress and become industry leaders. There is still a place for referrals and word-of-mouth marketing but a reliance is dangerous. Investing in marketing that allows your firm to tell stories will elevate you to the top. Focus on the core digital marketing strategies initially - e.g. website and basic social media - and build your portfolio from there. The possibilities of storytelling are endless, let marketing do that for you. 

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The Value of Storytelling

The Value of Storytelling
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