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The value of a corporate video

Oliver Rand

The Value of a Corporate Video

The corporate video is one of the oldest but most effective forms of marketing that we recommend as a marketing agency. Content creation is an essential for the consistency and growth of your business’s digital footprint – the video can appear on all your platforms: website, social media, TV advertising and so on. The corporate video is perfect for storytelling and presenting your business the way your company wants. Corporate videos aren’t usually used for direct selling, but the awareness and the in-depth perception of your business that an audience receives is positive. As a marketing agency, we often recommend corporate videos to our clients because many of our clients are service-based, business-to-business firms and the structure, style and values of a business in the current business climate, is always a consideration for potential clients.

Contradictory to me writing this post as a blog, consumers will prefer watching a short video compared to reading a blog post. That is not to say there is no place for the informative blog but there is a content preference for the latter and the same for the former. The value of visual stimulation in relation to the retention of information is essential to this point, audiences remember around 20% of what they read as opposed to around 80% of what they see, therefore, based on this, the value of a corporate video is undeniable.

Before beginning the production of your video, you need to ask yourself some questions regarding the content and desired outcome: do you want to include your company values? Do you need to showcase your team? Do you want to show your commitment to health and safety? Do you want to highlight your projects/products? Do you want to talk about your goals for the future? The list of questions for consideration is endless but before doing anything, the purpose must be established.

Everything must now stem from that purpose; the script (which I recommend not be to wordy because the audience should be engaging with the visual content). When it comes to video scriptwriting, less is more. In 2 -3 minutes of video, you need to promote your business, not saturate the video with information in both the visual and audio forms, find that balance. Very often, professional video producers will introduce musical interludes to accommodate for the lack of words, something that is very effective in the production of a successful video. Most importantly, the introduction must draw the audience in, set-up your business in the first few seconds of the video and the rest of the visual content will sell your products/services itself. The conclusion must also summarise the video, bring the whole purpose back, just to leave that last staple in the audience’s mind.

Of course, the video content must be engaging, so we recommend shooting too much content to allow the producers to cut down from a larger pool of footage; short scenes and cuts of various aspects of your business allows the audience to stay enaged with the various levels fo your business. The visual content shot will vary depending on your business, but the general rule of thumb is many scenes of differing video style– time-lapse, slow motion, people, products; a variety is key.

This blog provides a brief insight into the value of a corporate video and suggests the direction your business should head into to create a successful one. The intricacies and details will vary but the foundations of video production are the same as outlined above.

Check out a video we did for one of our clients earlier this year via the link below:

If you would like to find out more about the video services we can offer, please do not hestitate to get in touch.

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The value of a corporate video

The value of a corporate video
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