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The Thoughtful Marketing Movement

Oliver Smith

The Thoughtful Marketing Movement

Marketing affects all aspects of our lives; every day we use products from advertising, from toothpaste to clothes. Frequently we make our decisions in accordance with marketing trends such as where to go for coffee, what to buy for dinner or what model of phone or make of trainers to buy.

As we see more businesses taking an ethical stance, whether it be on the environment or how they treat their employees, it is equally as important for marketing to follow suit.

With the huge shift of our lives to online, marketing needs to take responsibility with fair messaging, ethical use of data and a commitment to being transparent with consumers.

As companies, we request more and more information from our customers so we can offer them more personalised and accurate marketing allowing for a seamless user experience, , that is beneficial and efficient for everyone.

Many brands claim they ‘put the customer first’ however when it comes down to it, how do you really put your customer first?

Last year Bloom & Wild launched the ‘Thoughtful Marketing Movement', a mission to bring like-minded brands together in a pledge to practice more thoughtful marketing.  Their bold move won them multiple plaudits for their little act of kindness.

Thanks to feedback from their customers, the team discovered that they could make a truly impactful product change without the need for complicated features. All they had to do was listen.

They found that calendar dates like Mother’s Day are of course really important to lots of their customers but for some these days can be really difficult. So last year, Bloom & Wild gave their customers the chance to opt-out of Mother’s Day emails and they were really surprised by the huge response.

As well as the move being welcomed in the press and on social media, the opt-out was even mentioned in Parliament, as Mark Warman MP suggested “if other companies were to follow suit, the dread—and I do mean dread—around this day might be mitigated for many people.”

They have since offered their customers the opportunity to opt-out of Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day emails, and this year have gone a step further and given customers the ability to opt-out of a core part of their product by hiding all Mother’s Day products, navigation items, merchandising, and even gift cards from view on the website.

And after seeing what a big impact these changes had for their customers, they partnered with other businesses to form the Thoughtful Marketing Movement, and have since built up a community of companies who are committed to thoughtful marketing.

If we all join together in an effort to make marketing a little more thoughtful, like Bloom & Wild and the many other brands in the movement,imagine what a difference we could make to the marketing of tomorrow? And of course, the relationships we could build with our customers.

We can help you segment your lists and create online forms which gain more information to better aid your marketing and users experience. We can help build thoughtful marketing campaigns and not just because we believe it makes business sense but because we believe deeply in the cause.

To speak to us about making your marketing more thoughtful and better aligned with your company values, get in touch with us by clicking here >

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The Thoughtful Marketing Movement

The Thoughtful Marketing Movement
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