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How to go viral

Oliver Smith

10 ways to improve your chances of going viral on Social Media

1. Focus on high quality content

Keeping your customers engaged is key, something easier said than done, but ensuring your content is unique, relatable, and interesting will help. Be unique and don’t churn content out for the sake of it – think about your audience and what they would like to know about. Go with topical trends but try and think of new ones too. Show your position in the market – you are the thought leaders for your industry. Content really is king and key to running a successful social media campaign and business.

2. Know your audience

It may sound obvious but knowing the audience that your content will resonate with is crucial. It is important to know the type of user that is most likely to share and engage with your content. In a data-driven world, there is no shortage of data so no reason to not know your audience and what works. Test, refine and build!

3. Partnering with influencers

Partnership is key for a successful social media campaign, its fairly hard to get it going otherwise. We have all seen the Instagram influencers selling various items, from teeth whitening products to face masks, but think about brands and influencers that are popular with your target audience – cross promote content and you will see your social media following grow. Reach out to potential partners, it’s a community after all!

4. Be bold!

Playing it safe probably won’t work. That’s not to say be too risqué, after all its your reputation, but don’t be afraid to promote your knowledge and opinion. Just think about it before posting and remember going viral can work both ways!

5. Tell relatable stories

Keep stories personal and relatable, people are more likely to share and like if it’s relatable. Think about LinkedIn; often the most liked or shared posts are the ones with a personal message. This ties back into point 2 – know your audience and target them!

6. Keep it short and sweet!

There are more people than ever before suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. We live in a world of distractions – the Telegraph reported that ‘Humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish, thanks to smart phones’ – we are often reaching for our phones to scroll aimlessly, so make sure your content on social media is to the point, easy to read, digested in 10 seconds or less, so very engaging. Posts with more content work but not so much for going viral!

7. Make interactive content

People love a quiz or poll – so create some! Create thought-provoking questions and give them something in return.

8. Use eye catching imagery

Imagery can help attract people in the first place, try to keep away from generic stock images (although this can be hard) but keep it related and intriguing. Pictures of people and something that tells the story often work best. Think of a newspaper splash, they often include quite shocking or emotion provoking images.

9. Utilise short videos!

Back to point 6 – keep it short and sweet and what better way than with a short video – they are a great way to engage with your audience

10. Post consistently!

Keep posting! These things can take time and with a very busy field, social media is often about pushing your way to the front and that means keep going, even when you get pushed back!

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How to go viral

How to go viral
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