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Finding The Balance: Digital vs Traditional Marketing Copy

Oliver Rand

Finding The Balance: Digital vs Traditional Marketing

As marketers we will rarely encourage the use of either digital or traditional methods individually, instead, we have found that a combination of the two has proven to be the most effective strategy in terms of maximum impact. By employing the two strategies, your business has the ability to reach a wider target market. For example, global social media users are in the billions on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and therefore provide a huge pool of potential leads. However, not everyone has a digital footprint and consequently, traditional forms of marketing are an essential tool to open up the door to that market. For example, a newspaper advert appeals to an alternative demographic because statistically consumers of newspapers are generally older.  A combination of the two marketing methods ensures your company's ability to reach both demographics and maximises the chances of conversions. Marketers can also employ creative ways of segmenting your audiences and adapt campaigns to appeal to their interests. Of course, depending on your target market, one method may be more effective than the other, but I would still encourage implementing a form of either.

In general terms when this is theory is applied to the construction and manufacturing industries, traditional methods of marketing have been the more dominant, with brochures, flyers, newspaper ads, business cards being some examples. But as we move into this digital age, we believe it to be important to encourage the industry to embrace the digitalisation. Start with the foundations of digitalisation and a company’s website. A website is the distribution hub for all your other makreting endeavours. They can host your traditional forms of marketing – newsletters and brochures for example and are often available for download. Alternatively, they can provide links to your social media pages. 

When effective digital marketing strategies are combined with traditional forms of marketing, we start to build a portfolio for your brand and a strategy that is covering all bases when it comes to optimising audience reach, therefore increasing the likelihood of leads, even in the construction and manufacturing industries.

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Finding The Balance: Digital vs Traditional Marketing Copy

Finding The Balance: Digital vs Traditional Marketing Copy
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