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Does Social Media Work For All Businesses

Edwin Warui

Does Social Media Work For All Businesses?

Look at it this way:

It’s easy to think that social media best suits industries such as sports, fashion design, and music. Yes, there’s some truth in that because these sectors tend to dominate our conversations whether it’s over dinner or at a party.

But, what about the less-talked about industries such as manufacturing, do they still need social media?

Yes, all types of businesses can benefit from some social media presence. The downside is that your content may not be viral or achieve the same levels of engagement as other industries. It’s not that you’re doing a poor job creating your content, it’s because people are less inclined to naturally talk about your products.

So why does your business need to have a social media presence?

Let’s look at some of the reasons:

#1. Build Awareness

If people aren’t familiar with your enterprise, then they can’t be your customers. In that case, social media boosts your visibility by allowing you to reach a wide audience. And there’s nothing to lose because it’s free to create a business profile across all social media networks.

#2. Build Authority

Before a prospect makes a purchase, they will browse your website and social media. That’s why you need social media profiles that are rich in relevant information. It creates a positive first impression because it showcases your firm as knowledgeable, trustworthy and approachable.

#3. Shows Authenticity

People tend to buy from companies they can relate to. They want to know that they are connecting with humans and not just an organization. In other words, consumers want to see the real people behind the corporate image.

Social media enables your brand personality to shine by being true to who you are. Simply, these platforms allow you to take a stand on local, national or global issues.

#4. Customer Service

Social media has successfully broken down the barriers between companies and customers.

And with the majority being on social media, people don’t have to call a customer service line. Consumers can simply use these platforms to complain about poor products and services.

As a result, social networks enable you to develop a reputation of being a responsive and caring brand.

#5. Lead Generation

Social media helps you find customers looking for your products and services. No, you don’t have to be salesy all the time. These networks offer you the opportunity to make sales such as through advertising.

And the best part?

Any business can do it regardless of size or budget.

#6. Reputation Management

Your customers are already talking about you on social networks whether or not you’re there to respond. As a result, social media allows you to monitor conversations about your products and services in real-time. By being tuned-in, you can respond to problems quickly and prevent crises from going viral.

#7. Research And Development

First, social media enables you to build a community. Next, an active customer community serves as a goldmine of ideas and suggestions for product improvements and innovations. In other words, you will better understand the pain points and the changing needs and desires of your audience.


What’s Stopping You?

As you have seen above, there’s a place for social media in all businesses.

To get started, build your social media strategy around what makes your products and services unique, interesting and remarkable.

Now go out and do it.

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Does Social Media Work For All Businesses

Does Social Media Work For All Businesses
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