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9 Common Myths Associated With Working With a Marketing Agency

Edwin Warui

9 Common Myths Associated With Working With a Marketing Agency

Let’s face it.

Getting the word out there about your brand can be challenging and time-consuming. You need sufficient marketing expertise to even stand a chance of building a loyal audience. On the other hand, if you don’t have the necessary marketing skills then you could benefit by consulting an agency.

But now you’re probably thinking: A marketing agency? Where do l even start?

And let’s be honest. A horror story from a trusted friend can plant doubt in the mind of even the super-determined agency-seeker.

So, what do you do?

Well, let’s dispel some of the common myths about working with agencies. Here we go:

#1. All Agencies Are The Same

First, it’s a familiar misconception where some people think that all agencies are a one-stop shop. For example, a client may think that just because an agency does website development well, then they can also handle their social media and SEO. It’s not always the case.

Second, not every agency is knowledgeable about your industry. Not every one of them can form a long lasting business relationship. You need to do your homework to see if an agency is a fit for your organization, the industry you’re in and your working style.

Lastly, it’s easy to think that signing with a big agency is the best solution. But is it? Not necessarily. It’s not the size of the agency that matters. What matters is if the agency suits your specific needs.

#2. You Will See Instant Results

Some people think that just because they have hired professionals then they will get immediate results. Nothing could be further from the truth. In other words, signing a contract with an agency today won’t get you results tomorrow.

For a successful relationship, both the client and the agency have to make contributions to the partnership. And by having a candid conversation in the beginning, you will be able to determine if an agency is the right fit.

#3. It’s Time-consuming Finding a Reputable Agency

It’s understandable especially if you have heard horror stories from people that have worked with incompetent agencies. It may even seem like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. But, looking for an agency doesn’t have to be a gruelling affair.

When you understand your needs then it becomes easy to find an agency. You will be able to find a firm that suits your working style and meets your expectations.

#4. My Employees Can Handle The Work an Agency is Doing

No doubt you could be having a world class team with the necessary skills, talents and expertise to handle your marketing. “Why work with an agency?”, you ask.

Outsourcing to an agency doesn’t mean that the enterprise has to take over your entire marketing plan. Not at all. It simply means you will be bringing in specialists to handle specific tasks such as SEO. It’s about complementing and amplifying your in-house team’s efforts to get more ears and eyes on your business.

With proper planning, it’s never a duplicate job. An agency brings its experience in other niches and industries in an effort to meet the needs of your company.

#5. The Quality of Work is Questionable

It’s easy to think that working with an agency will only add stress to your job. But, it doesn’t have to. By working with a worthy agency, you develop trust and familiarity and this makes the outsourcing smoother.

Additionally, dependable agencies have adequate processes in place to ensure that they provide quality services. Such companies will lay out timelines with you. They will communicate delays. Simply, they will strike the delicate balance between producing the best work while meeting deadlines.

#6. An agency is Expensive

It’s a question that has probably crossed your mind:

“What if l spend all this money and fail to get the results that l want?”

It’s a legitimate concern. However, you don’t have to worry because the best agencies are results-oriented. These firms understand that referrals are their best source for new business. And that’s why they want to go over and beyond to meet and exceed your expectations.

In addition, an agency that spends a client’s money without regard to effectiveness will not be in business for long. The company should produce results as promised. It should have a  transparent pricing structure so that you don’t go over your budget.

Finally, you won’t be hiring an individual. It will be a whole team that will be working together to make your organization better.

#7. An agency is Only After Your Money

A competent agency understands that it has a critical role to play in your marketing goals. Such an enterprise will work towards building a solid working relationship and help you achieve your objectives.

Whether it’s a single project estimate or an ongoing campaign, the agency should offer a client a transparent proposal. And in case there are any changes in scope or specifications, you should know before moving forward.

Also, great agencies have the flexibility to accommodate both small and large budgets. It’s a sign of a firm that’s deeply interested in forging long-term partnerships.

#8. An Agency Doesn’t Understand My Products and Markets

Admit it. Sometimes an external perspective can be scary. You see, you can be knowledgeable about an industry but be clouded with tunnel vision.

An agency can be the outside voice that helps bring new ideas to the table. With an objective opinion, the outfit can accurately pinpoint where improvements need to be made.

Also, establishing a new relationship can feel awkward in the beginning. But, a dependable agency can help drown your worries. They do their homework to intimately know your industry. They don’t claim to know all the answers, but they are ready to take charge and lead the search for solutions.

#9. An Agency Will Make a Pitch to Your Competitors

It’s a genuine concern. Working with an agency means giving them access to your company’s data. There’s always that fear that an agency can disclose your valuable insider information to your competitors.

With credible agencies, you can sign non-disclosure contracts as an extra measure of security. Also, agencies are required to adhere to a code of ethics and maintain professional integrity to safeguard business partnerships.

All in all, are you now ready to...

Choose The Right Marketing Agency

As you have seen above, it’s possible that a relationship between a marketing agency and your business can thrive. After clearing some of the agency misconceptions floating around, you only need to do your homework and invest in the right company.

You will have a team of experts dedicated to you. You will have a team of talented people that are eager and curious to learn as much as possible about your business and help it reach its full potential.

In other words, it’s as if you will be generating leads while you sleep.

Can you really afford not to?

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9 Common Myths Associated With Working With a Marketing Agency

9 Common Myths Associated With Working With a Marketing Agency
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