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5 Reasons to market your construction business

Edwin Warui

5 Reasons why it’s necessary to market your construction business

Think about this for a moment:

You can have the most innovative product or service. You can have the best customer service. But, of what value is having an amazing business that no one knows about?

Marketing is the lifeblood of any organization. Everything else in an enterprise depends on it. You see, establishing a great construction company is just a start. Equally important, you need marketing to attract customers.


What is Construction Marketing?

Marketing is the intersection between your firm and the customer. In fact, it’s what you say, how you say it when explaining how incredible a product or service is, and why people should buy from you.

Marketing could be a social media account. A press release. A brochure. An ad.

In other words, business development is like a conversation that starts between two people (your company and the customer) that don’t know each other well. To have a great chat, you need to understand each other’s needs. You can’t talk all the time and have a healthy dialogue. There has to be genuine interest. You have to show that you care because that’s how you earn trust.

All said, sometimes people have the wrong idea on what construction marketing entails. Let’s now find out what some of these misconceptions are.

Myths About Construction Marketing

The wrong mindsets about marketing can be detrimental to your sales efforts. To keep you on the right track, these mistaken beliefs include:

#1. Small businesses don’t need to invest time and money in marketing

This idea is understandable because micro enterprises don’t have as much time or as big a kitty as large companies. On the other hand, you have to remember that marketing isn’t a waste of time and money. You can work with a shoe-string budget by planning effectively.

There are marketing options out there for everyone. You don’t need to invest in everything. Just focus on what matters to you. It’s a long game to play but you will be the winner in the end.

#2. Advertising is a marketing plan

Advertising and marketing are related but different. On the one hand, marketing spans the entire process from designing and pricing the product, determining where it will be sold, and how to persuade people to buy.

Advertising on the other hand is part of a marketing plan. It involves creating and placing ads to spread the word about the value of your merchandise.

#3. Construction marketing is solely used to acquire new customers

Marketing involves more than getting new customers. You also need to market to maintain and deepen the relationship with the existing clientele.

You see, closing sales is only half the battle. You also need to retain the purchasers. You want these consumers to engage with your brand and keep spending money in your business.

#4. Remarkable products and services will sell themselves

Have you wondered why reputable companies like Apple are consistently marketing yet have quality products?

It’s because these firms understand that innovation is just half the story. You also need to inform your audience on what you’re working on and how it makes their lives better.

In the same way, there’s bound to be competition no matter how specialized your niche is. Marketing helps you get in front of your fans.

#5. There’s one right way

What works for one construction business, will not work for you. Customer needs, wants and desires are different and will evolve over time.

Also, marketing is dynamic. What worked last year may not work today. The marketplace changes and new competitors enter the scene.

#6. Construction marketing is expensive

Quality marketing is not expensive. On the flip side, poor marketing is costly because it doesn’t work. As a matter of fact, it’s not about the price you pay. It’s about the value you get from that investment.

Now that we have busted some of the myths floating around. Let’s now look at the reasons why it’s necessary to market your construction business.

Why Construction Marketing?

Marketing has the potential to be one of the factors that determines whether your construction firm is successful or not. Here’s how:

#1. Tells people what you have to offer

When attracting customers in a crowded marketplace, your target audience needs to know why they should choose you over another business. Enter marketing. It educates the consumer about your enterprise and how it helps solve their problems.

Simply, marketing tells your prospects your value proposition.

#2. You get to know your audience

Marketing helps you gain valuable insights on who your audience is. You understand their desires, needs and problems. You keep pace with the changing tastes and preferences of your buyers.

The result?

A better product fit because you intimately know your prospects. Consequently, improved goods and services help improve your customers’ standard of living.

#3. Your target audience gets to know you

Marketing helps potential customers to know who you are. They find out why you started the organization and what it stands for. The aim is to make your venture relatable to promising buyers because we support businesses we believe in.

Marketing helps keep your construction company in people’s minds even when the transaction is over. To be able to turn first-time clients into lifelong fans you need to establish and build a healthy relationship with people that have interacted with your firm. And that’s what construction marketing does best.

#4. Helps you build trust with your target audience

As a business owner, you’re aware that your reputation is critical to your success. It can decide whether a customer reaches out to you or your competitor. Also, we buy from brands we have confidence in.

Marketing spreads the word about your venture. It helps show that your operations are credible, genuine, moral, ethical and socially responsible.

Through consistency and maintaining the message clear and concise, you’re able to build a long-standing connection with your consumers. And just like any relationship, it takes time and effort to build trust.

#5. Helps you grow your construction business

It’s simple. You can’t make a sale if no one knows about your products or services. While setting up shop may bring in some walk-in customers, marketing helps extend your reach. It draws attention into whatever it is you’re selling.

Effective marketing builds your firm’s reputation. As a result, it leads to growth and increased revenue for your enterprise. And that’s the dream for every organization.

Now, here’s the big question:

Are You Ready to Give it a Go?

In short, construction marketing is just not selling. Marketing is not fooling the consumer or falsifying the company’s image. And no, marketing isn’t dead, it’s only misunderstood.

Marketing is the engine of any venture. Without it, a business cannot run.

Great marketing begins and ends with the customer. If your products and services don’t appeal to prospects then not even legendary marketing can help. You will only be broadcasting to the world how bad your merchandise is.

As a company owner, you need to grease the wheels of your construction business. And that starts with an acceptable marketing strategy.

Get started and see what happens.

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5 Reasons to market your construction business

5 Reasons to market your construction business
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