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Case study

  • Website design & development

  • Content creation

  • Brochure design

  • Digital & print advertising 



IWP Dansk are leaders in the preservation, restoration and replacement of heritage windows.  Established in 1982, they have developed over 35 years of experience in the industry and have worked with a range of clients such as main contractors, councils, universities, homeowners and heritage trusts.

The brief

We have been working with IWP Dansk for a few years now, helping them grow the commercial side of their business. Originally the company was built offering its services to homeowners but with its rapid growth they soon moved into the commercial market. However, they were keen to ensure that their visibility within the homeowner market continued to grow alongside the commercial business.

Our solution

We work closely with IWP Dansk and they see us as their in-house marketing team, trusting us with autonomy over their marketing activities. They were therefore happy for us to develop a marketing plan to target the domestic market and roll it out as soon as possible. 


The first stage was to address the company’s website.  Their current site is set up for the commercial side of the business and, after reviewing whether we could adapt the site to offer services to both markets equally, we decided this could end up portraying a potentially confusing and harmful message to visitors from both the commercial and domestic market. Therefore, we agreed with IWP Dansk that we would build a separate site for the domestic market which would allow us to really target this audience through search engine presence as well as via paid digital channels.

The results

We’ve just launched the homeowner website, view it here.  Alongside the website launch we also developed a brochure of their products and services, view the digital copy here.


Now we’ve launched the site we are focusing on search engine optimisation to improve visibility of IWP Dansk amongst homeowners nationwide.  We are also in the process of setting up Google and social media advertising campaigns, print advertising and developing their social media channels. 

SWW Marketing provide a range of marketing services, from market selection to search engine optimisation. View our full range of services here.

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