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Oliver Smith

Co-Founder, Principal Project & Account Director

With any industry, understanding how to most effectively approach the market is crucial to growing a business. Construction is no different, yet with its multi layers and complexity it’s not a straightforward industry to market to. Often winning new business is relied on through word of mouth or simply by being the only contractor who has the skills for the job. However, with the digital world now engrained in everyday life, it’s crucial to ensure your business has a strong online presence to back up your offering and show you are ready to do business in 2023.  

Compared to other industries, construction has been slow to catch-up when it comes to digital marketing. Many construction firms still lack a marketing plan and lead generation strategy, instead relying on their sales team to spend their time prospecting.

The fast pace of the online world means that if a business isn’t looking to invest resource in their digital presence, they will quickly get left behind their competitors.  Although word of mouth is still the most common method of attracting new business in this industry, the way customers are sourcing contractors and construction companies is changing, with a shift towards online research prior to engaging. 

However, many construction firms will be aware that when it comes to digital marketing, they don’t have the experience or resource to roll-out an effective strategy. 

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A partnership, 

not just an agency

At SWW Marketing we understand that construction businesses do not want to hear what they are doing wrong and bombard with technical information and expensive solutions. We've found that most are looking for a partnership to support them in their marketing plans and strategies.


We believe in building strong partnerships with all of our clients so we can best understand their business and how to support and develop their brand. 


We have grown up in the construction and manufacturing industry and as such realised that there was a real need to support construction companies of all sizes with their marketing, in particular their digital marketing. 


Maximum results, minimum hassle

Working in-house for FTSE 250 construction giants as well as with smaller construction firms, builders merchants and manufacturers, we have built the experience required to implement effective marketing campaigns and create strategies that really work within the industry.


We understand your priority is running your business which is why we aim to build a strong understanding of your products and services before working with you. Our mission is to maximise results whilst minimising hassle for you!

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Why choose SWW Marketing?


Before beginning work with you, we get to know you and your business and understand your long term goals. We work in partnership with all our clients to be seen not just as an agency, but as part of the team!

Market expertise

Our team has extensive experience of working within the construction and manufacturing industries. We understand how businesses within these industries work and how they communicate.

Honesty & transparency

We want to make sure that working together makes sense for you and for us. If we don't think the fit is right, we'll recommend a more suitable partner for your business needs.


If you need more support one month and less the next, we'll be flexible to your requirements and budgets. We are also able to work to tight deadlines and are happy to support with last minute campaigns. 

Regular reports & updates

We'll provide regular updates on activities, as well as reports on campaign progress (the successful and less successful!).

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