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Ollie's talk at the London Build Expo 2021...

Last week, Ollie spoke at the London Build Exhibition 2021 at Olympia London. Presenting to a crowd of established businesses and business people, Ollie gave an insight into what SWWMarketing can offer with a focus on digital marketing. This news post provides an overview of the key aspects of the discussion...

The Highlights

One of the most common themes amongst construction firms in their approach to marketing is the belief that “I have enough work and don’t really need new leads”. This may well be the case however as digital marketing is fast becoming something that just has to be done, why wait, be ahead of the curve.

It is important for your firm to build the right image, digital platforms are now the first port of call for potential clients, so make sure you’re presenting yourself how you want to be seen. This means optimising not only the website, but building a user friendly, attractive multi-channel strategy.

When adopting a multi-channel strategy, it is important to keep on top of data. Luckily, most platforms used will provide a form of analytics. Data-driven marketing uses data — acquired through consumer interactions and third parties — to gain a better view into consumers’ motivations, preferences, and behaviours. Marketers then create personalised messaging and experiences that deliver the highest possible return on investment.

Does it matter when construction purchasing behaviour is different? Yes, although construction purchasing can be very different to some industries like fashion. Whenever you can build a profile, you can apply a data-driven approach. You can build a profile of your potential customers - you can see what pages they visit, so then sales teams can save time and you can create better relationships with your clients and potential clientele.

One of the key takeaways from the presentation is that digital marketing is here to stay, so why hesitate and lose ground to your competitors, beat the rush and present your business in the best possible light.

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